July 22, 2016

Read where Mike Derrick is against Trans-Pacific Trade Pact.  Basic economics says free trade is a good thing with each country exporting what it has a competitive advantage at making.  Trade with developing countries has raised the standadard of living in developing countries while proving less expensive goods to developed countries.

Developed countries are suppose to be shifting from manufacturing economies to service economies.  Those services include jobs in medicine, education and trades.  I know of no one who has lost a manufacturing job due to trade.

Hillary has picked Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate. He is a Harvard-educated lawyer and a former mayor and governor.  He should help her carry Virginia.

July 21, 2016

Went to meet and greet for Mike Derrick.  Knew I had donated.  Campaign seems to be gathering momentum.

Fell asleep on couch.  Woke up toward end of Trump's acceptance speech.  Can't imagine listening to him for four years.

Learned a new word from PBS.  Dystopia:  an imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression or terror. Trumptopia.

I think I have Trumphobia.Cool

July 20, 2016

Read article in New Yorker by man who ghostwrote "Art of the Deal".  Called Trump a sociopath.  Regrets writing book.

Went to Sinfonietta outdoor concert.  William Eddins was guess conductor.  Born in Buffalo.  Parents bought him a piano at a garage sale per Wikipedia.  Graduated from Eastman at age 18.  Currently conducting in Edmonton.

Watched GOP Convention.  Fell asleep in chair.  Trump and daughter speak tonight.

July 19, 2016

Went to County Democratic meeting. Got Billy Jones yard signs. Woman from Schnectady County running for Supreme Court.  Was a town justice. Deputy Commissioner for Taxation and Finance.  Family Court Judge Mark Powers running again.  Hope he wins. Someone from Saratoga County also running.  Mike Derrick had a rep there. Has gotten support from DNC.

July 18, 2016

Called Tom and wished him a happy birthday.  He said his leg is healing and still wants to see ball game in September.  Visited Pat Branch at Uihlein.  Watched GOP convention.  Thought Melania did well.  Speechwriter apparently paraphrased a part of Michelle Obama's convention  speech per NPR.

July 17, 2016

Went to Montreal.  Delivered train and books.  Treated to greek salad at local cafe.  Train was a hit for about an hour.  Lise and Olivier looking to buy a vacation chalet north of the city if can get financing.

July 16, 2016

Went to St. Agnes for spaghetti. dinner - benefit for sick kids. Sat with Ken and Marian Klauck.  Not many people.  Izzo kids: Joey, Elizabeth, Anna and Jesse, all there along with mom.

July 15,2016

Went to Pendragon to see Amadeus.  Sleepy.  Left at intermission.

July 14, 2016

Adult Center loosing its cook and executive director over money.  Cook afraid of loosing husband's social security.  Executive director can make more money as a receptionist. Sad.

Had four variance application before ZBA last night. Three involving new construction of substantial buildings.  Things looking up.

Learned Rotary Club Board appointed me new sargeant-at-arms.  Could be fun. Cool

July 13, 2016

Wednesday was schmaltz night for the Sinfonietta.  Its park concert was held at St. Agnes Church.  It's good to sit in the back as the music thunders down the nave and the little kids provide endless entertainment.

There was a slight medical emergency.  A female Lake Placid Village police officer arrived wearing a taser.  I think female cops are really smart.

Enterprise reported that Kate Grisi graduated summa cum laude from Potsdam in geology.  This means that she is really good at getting to the bottom of things. Or, unlike her father who is a soil scientist, she is really good at looking at what's underneath the surface.

July 12, 2016

Good documentary on history of White House on PBS.  Watched end of All-Star Game.  Good pitching.

July 11, 2016

Rotary meeting  speaker was new owner of DEW Drop Inn. The basement will house the bar, serve pub grub and the prep kitchen.  The porch over the river will have tables and an easement for the riverwalk.

The first floor will be the restaurant and finishing kitchen..  They are going to add a second floor to the porch overlooking the river.  The facade will be changed to look like a storefront and the sign preserved but with interior lighting.

Played five at Ray Brook. Teenage couple in front of me had a cart but only one bag.  She was flailing away.  Instead of renting a cart, they should have had her take a lesson.

July 10, 2016






















Saw documentary on new American  Formula One racing team owned by Hass Automation of Oxnard California.  There used to be an F1 race at Watkins Glen.  Now I think the only one is in Long Beach California.

Haas owns Nascar teams.  It has now put together a Euroean operation to race F1.  It has finished sixth in Australia and eighth in Russia so far.

Went to hear first Sinfonietta concert of season at LPCA. Heard  Faure's Requiem with Northern Lights Choir.  It's the kind of music you would like to hear on the way to paradise - very soothing and welcoming.







July 9, 2016

Today was the Women's Civic Chamber village-wide yard sale.  Drove Shirley Hosler around as she bought musical stuffed animals for the nursing homes, small games for the troops and small stuffed animals for the "shoe box lady"  who makes up Xmas boxes for kids.

She is a member of the local pentecostal church who teaches math at NCCC and joined us on the college's trip to Greece.  She was most interested in visiting St. John's cave on Patmos where he wrote the Book of Revelations.

It was a busy traffic day in the village with many sales not listed on the official map.  I stopped at the foot of Jenkins Street and turned on my flashers so Shirley could checkout an unmapped sale.  One passenger in a car with New York plates complained I was parked in the middle of the road as they went around me.  There was no place else to park.  Two ladies in a car with California plates rolled down their passenger window to make sure I was all right.  Maybe all those forest fires have made Californians more caring.

July 8, 1016

Bought two 9/11 pieces of art at a yard sale. One showing the twin towers during the day.  The other showing two shafts of light at night representing where the towers were.

Went to Ross Dailey's memorial service at the Saranac Lake Methodist Church.  Ross died unexpectedly on Jan. 4 in Florida.  He had worked 16 years at NCCC.  I got to know his wife Karen through the Red Cross.  He hired me to teach business law.

He was a great guy with a puckish sense of humor.  He took his 12-year old son on his sabbatical year out to Michigan State when he had gotten his doctorate.  Ryan got exposed  to Division I college athletics close up.

One Christmas, I got invited to go caroling with the Daileys.  I know we went to an ARC  house.  It was like being a kid again.

Lastly, I went to a slide show at the Presbyterian Church of Rev. Joanne White's and her husband Dwayne Gould's hiking trip in Northern Scotland.  The scenery was great. I learned that there is a legend that Pontius Pilate was born in Scotland of a Scottish mother and Roman father.  Who knew!

July 7, 2016

Went to Saranac Lake Kiwanis breakfast meeting at Blue Moon.  Had guests from Elizabethtown Club.  Elizabethtown Hospital has merged with the University of Vermont Medical system.  Saved $300K on the purchase of a Catscan machine.

The Saranac Lake Club has a unique 50/50.  You pay $1 for a ticket.  If your ticket wins, you then have to draw the ace of spades from four cards offered to you.  So if there were 28 tickets sold, you hace a 1/112 chance of winning $14.  As Donald Trump would say, the system is rigged!

Saranac Lake McDonald's is now offering a lobster roll for $7 on its lunch menu.  How Downeast!

July 6, 2016

Went to first Lake Placid Sinfonietta park concert at Mid's Park in Lake Placid.  First, the Paul White Memorial Band Shell has been replaced with a new one designed by Andrew Chary of Saranac Lake.  Has beautiful curving timbers and great stonework.

Second, it is the Sinfonietta's 99th season.  One need not go to SPAC or Tanglewood Or Wolf Trap to hear  professional musicians.  You can go every Wednesday on beautiful Mirror Lake for free.

Third, American Treasures was the theme of the concert.  They played the Great Escape March by Elmer Bernstein from the eponymous 1963 movie starring James Garner, James Coburn, Charles Bronson and Steve McQueen who stole the movie with his motorcycle chase scene.

He rode a Triumph T6 bike stolen from the German army.  Nevermind why the Wehrmacht was using English motorcycles during WWII.  However, Triumph motorcycles and T-shirts became all the rage in the 1960's.

July 5, 2016

Woke up at Rochester airport Radisson on Jefferson Road.  Big news was that NBA star Kevin Durant signed with Warriors.  Struck up conversation with fellow at breakfast. We both agreed that living in San Francisco was better than Oklahoma.

Told him that owner of Rochester Royals sold draft rights to Bill Russell.  He told me about Maurice Stokes who played in Rochester and teamed with Jack Twyman in Cincinati.  We both agreed that Bill Russell was the best player ever.

Drive on Route 3 along Lake Ontario very pleasant with big view of lake at Henderson Harbor.  Went to Northern New York Hopital drill for Ham radios.  Provides backup emergency communications.

Went to Father Maroun's lying-in-state at St Alphonse's in Tupper Lake.  Stopped at Skyview Drive-in for soft ice cream.  Move over Donnelly's and Mountain Mist, you've got competition.

July 4, 2016

Drove Shirley Hosler to Jay Town picnic.  Bicycle race in Lake Placid.  Ride back offered amazing views of Whiteface.

Drove to Rochester to see ballgame with brother.  If you drive through Star Lake on July 4, you will be greeted by firefighter holding a boot to collect money.  Corn knee high by the 4th of July near Watertown.

Ballpark pretty much soldout - 11, 500.  Had a Buffalo Chicken wrap from Joe Altobelli's Healthy Deli. Brother commented that hot dog billboard in center field just above cemetery's.

Ballpark's firework's piggybacked on city's.  Rochester's Korean firstbaseman is hitting over .300.   How American!

July 3, 2016

Tried to go to a meet and greet on Buck Island for Congressional candidate Mike Derrick but could not find a parking place at a near the Lake Placid Marina.  As of March 31, he had raised about a fifth of the money that the incumbent had.  She seems to be getting most of her money from investment groups.  However, outspending your opponent doesn't necessarily get you elected.  Ask Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders.  He is more moderate than either of his opponents and should do well in the general election.

Aaron Wolfe who lost last time is renovating the Deer's Head Inn in Elizabethtown.  So candidates can do good things even if they loose.  If Stefanik looses, maybe she will open a branch of her parents' plywood business in Willsboro.

Speaking of businesses, Goody Goody is repainting its facade on Broadway.  When the Hotel Saranac reopens, storefronts on Main Street ond lower Broadway should be more in demand.  Time to fix'em up or sell them to those who will.

July 2,2016

Day started cool and wet.  Still recovering from yesterday's bad news.  Good obits in Watertown Times and Adirondack Daily Enterprise.  Work has started on the Hotel Saranac parking garage.  The back of the hotel has been excavated.  Looks like the thing might actually open some day.

The owners of the proposed Lake Flower Hotel have surfaced.  Looks like they have serious experience and money.  Drawings look like the Taj Mahal.  Should scale back so as not to trigger APA jurisdiction.  May not be able to roll both the APA and the Saranac Lake Planning Board.

Went to see Twyla Tharp's Dance Troupe at Lake Placid Arts Center.  Place sold out.  Country Dances piece was apt for July 4th weekend. Wonderfully western.  Beautiful costumes and handcrafted shoes.

July 1, 2016

Bad news.  Father George Maroun was found near Moody Pond on Baker Mountain.  He had been staying at St. Bernard's Rectory for the past year suffering from Parkinsons.  He had spent the winter in Florida. He was doing very well and gave a brillant sermon several Sundays back about asking forgiveness when you weren't sorry about something you had done.  He said being sorry that you weren't sorry was a start.  St. Bernard's lost two priests in one week.  Bad week.

This is Canada Day - the 149th anniversary of the Canadian federation.  It is also the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme  where a regiment from Newfoundland was nearly wiped out.  Princess Anne was at a wreathlaying in St. John's and Prince Charles in France at the battlefield.

June 30, 2016

Saw Howard Riley on Main Street yesterday, buying muffins at Orgins for the girls in the office.  On his way to Upstate to get his car fixed.  Buying new tires at Maces.  Company for the weekend.  Blue Moon closed for repairs til 4 p.m.  Orgins' muffins are pricier.

Tom Higgman headed to Blue Moon for last breakfast of Eggs Benedict in Saranac Lake.  Had to go to McKenzie's instead  with Father Ratigan and friend.  Told him there was a par three course in Dannemora called Twin Pines.  Said he would check it out.

Played nine at Ray Brook.  Had a 53 including a par 5 on the first from the short reds.  Made two apron puts on the seventh and eighth.  Lost three balls.  Good thing I bought a gross of old Spaldings from Missy Hill Barry at her yard sale.  Met  Tony Barnes on the nineth hole.  Said they had a hail storm on Tuesday that covered the course white.  Fairways did not look like they benefited from the storm.  Tony's irrigated greens are emeralds!

June 29, 2016

Jeff Erenstone spoke at Saranac Lake Rotary.  Makes fake limbs with a 3-D printer.  Works in Haiti and Africa.  Simple with no expensive replacement parts.  Made hand that can do wash but not braid hair.  Very practical.

Saw Ron DeLair driving on Broadway.  Was my landlord for 20 years at corner of Bloomingdale and Pine.  House was impecably kept.  Copper roof.  Made shower stall out of deep closet with help from Rich Hanpeter. Good to have an architect for a landlord.  Painted dining room light green with darker green trim.  Looked like something out of Architectural Digest.

Saw Peter Dupree driving his vintage Saab on Church Street.  Saab stands for Swedish Aviation, Inc., hence the aeronautical look to the cars.  Peter and his son Patrick and their crew did major work on the red house next to the library:  New insulated roof, new bathrooms in all five apartments with Shorty doing the plumbing and tiling, getting the sliding windows to work on the back cure porches, new electric service with the help of the late great Mike Gaukin, new laundry room and and radiators in the basement, new garden apartment in what was Dr. Lawrason Brown's laboratory and Xray room with infloor heat and walkin shower, new front porch and extended driveway, new clapboard siding and dark red paint all round the house outside.  Bill Decker zoned the heating system.  Tommy Dupree installed a new sewer lateral that went to the other side of Main Street.  Asbestos tile was removed from the front hallway and linoleum from the stairs to reveal beautiful hardwood. Third floor bathroom has a walkin shower with black and white subway tile and vintage sink.  Never buy an old house!

June 28, 2016

The New York Daily News is famous for its iconic front pages.  One memorable one was when President Ford refused to bail out a bankrupt New York City.  It read: " Ford to City.  Drop Dead!"

It has had two in the last two months.  One was a picture of Donald Trump with some kind of insect with a caption stating that more people preferred head lice to Trump.  The second was a picture of the Orlando mass murderer blaming the NRA for the slaughter.

Yesterday it was reported that a poll found that 71% of the population had an unfavororable opinion of Trump and thought him unqualified to be president.  In the most recent issue of the New Yorker magazine there is a history of recent gun control efforts.

Andrew Cuomo when he headed HUD for Bill Clinton reached an agreement with Smith and Wesson to produce a safe gun.  It could only be fired by its owner and was kid proof.  The NRA drove the company to near bankruptcy and sale.

Mossberg, the maker of shotguns, is making a safe shotgun.  Anyone who thinks the Second Amendment was intended to let everyone carry a weapon has not read the thing and its implementing statute.  Otherwise the NRA would be know as the National Militia Association.

June 27, 2016

Things back to normal at Saranac Lake Adult Center Bingo after last week's win of $1200 Cookie Jar.

Hillary appeared in Ohio with Elizabeth Warren.  The crowd was rockin.  She may have found a running mate.  Don't expect a matriarch like Thatcher, Indira Ghandi or Golda Meir.  She will big a big sister as there will be a lot of women running the government.

NBC showing Olympic swimming trials.  There are a lot of new fish in the water.  Rio looks like it is two to three times zones east.

June 26,2016

Saw debut of Pendragon's Around the World in 80 Days.  Incredible.  Five actors: Mainville, Kemp, Sorensen, Whitney and Brill.  Sorensen plays 29 characters with 35 entrances.  Props and sound effects clever.  Costumes great.  Don't miss it.

Tom Higgman had his farewell party at the Carousel.  Taking over two parishes in Lyon Mountain and Ellenburg.  Hope the par three course in Dannemora is still open.  Best wishes.

Billy Hurley won his first pro golf tournament at age 34 at Congressional.  Gets him into the British Open and next year's Masters. Good to see Tiger Woods back on TV.

June 25, 2016

Helped ham radio club at Tupper Lake Tin Man Marathon.  The Tip Top Town is famous for its volunteers.  I had my first ham radio experience.  It was neat even though it was only ordering more ice, which the runners put under their clothing to cool down.  Most wore spandex except one guy who wore an Hawaian shirt to honor his father.

The Tin Man is half a marathon consisting of a one mile swim, 26 mile bike ride and 13 mile run.  Not my idea of fun.  Entry fee is $150.  Bill Izzo and his daughter Anna from Lake Placid  were in it.

Finishers get as big medal which feels likes it's made of lead.  The first guy to run from Marathon  to Athens died in the process.  The second guy, who ran it in the 1898 Olympics, was a delivery man who asked for a horse and cart so he could stop making his deliveries on foot.

June 24, 1916

Democrat Franklin County Legislators Smith, Jones and Crossman are not running for re-election.  If Republicans sweep those seats, they will gain control of the Legislature.

Democrat candidate for Congress Mike Derrick is holding a meet and greet on July 3 at a Buck Island Camp in Lake Placid.  Billfold portraits of Ben Franklin are suggested contributions.  Money is the mother's milk of American politics.

Lake Placid Center for the Arts is having a Casino Night Fundraiser at Whiteface Lodge on August 4.  $125 gets  you $250 in fun chips for games or drawings.  Move over Reno and Lake Tahoe.

June 23, 2016:  Went to a meet and greet for Billy Jones at John Black Room in Saranac Lake.  He's running for the State Assembly seat held by Janet Duprey who is retiring.  He's the chairman of the Franklin County Legislature, former dairy farmer, 20 years with Corrections and father of a cute young daughter who adorns his handout card.  His father also served on the County Legislature.  I think he has a good chance of winning against the newly-elected Franklin County Sheriff.  His district is mostly Clinton and Franklin Counties which between them have four prisons. There may be a fight over the future of Dannemora prison after last year's escape.  He'll be a good addition to the Assembly.

An Adirondack Diary

June 21, 2016: Went to Saranac Lake Rotary.  Speaker was from AdkAction.  She and her husband run farm. AdkAction based in Saranac Lake.  Interested in road salt, Monarch butterflies (handed out milkweed seed packets), poverty, real property assessments and artists. Bowled five games  of Wii at Adult Center.  Kathy Schneck had high score. Had lunch at Adult Center.  10 people for MahJong there.  Won two games.  Saw Finding Dory at Palace in Lake Placid.  Colors brillant.  Slow start but picked up speed.  Terrific ending.  Ellen Degeneres voiced Dory.  Fine job.

June 22, 2016:  Italian marble statue of Mary moved from St. Paul's in Bloomingdale to the lawn in front of St. Bernard's School.  Pat Sullivan did the stone work.  Made my first court appearance in nearly two years subbing for another lawyer.  Parties had reached agreement.  No sweeter music to a judge's ears.  Played twilight golf at Ray Brook. Lost three balls in the gloam.  Followed by two lads playing one-club.